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Workplace Violence

Have You Signed the 'Our Turn' Pledge?

Worksafe is proud to be a part of a new collaborative effort to prevent sexual abuse and harassment on the job. The Our Turn network is bringing together workers, community, labor, nonprofit, legal, and academic activists who are commited to bringing #MeToo into the workplace.

As a member of the Our Turn Steering Committee, Worksafe invites you to sign the Our Turn Pledge. By taking the pledge, participants commit to: 

  • Support workers who take action individually and collectively;
  • Encourage organizing in the workplace to prevent, identify and eliminate abuse, harassment, coercion and intimidation;
  • Advocate for laws and public policies that protect workers’ rights
  • Elevate the stories of workers who have fought back against abuse and harassment, especially people of color, immigrants, and members of the LGBTQ+ community
  • Educate ourselves and our coworkers about the best way to support workers who are standing up for safety and dignity in the workplace; and
  • Hold government agencies and all employers accountable for sexual harassment and violence perpetrated in the workplaces they oversee.

More than 200 organizations and individuals have already signed on – will you join us