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Movement Building

Coalition Work

Collaborating and building strength with other organizations and individuals who share our values is an important part of our strategic plan. Worksafe participates in multiple coalitions in our efforts to ensure safe and healthy work and justice for all workers, including:

The California Coalition for Worker Power (CCWP)

Worksafe team members participate in multiple committees and attend the majority of retreats for this advocacy group, which has achieved some important legislative victories, including preserving funding for CWOP and passing SB 497 to create a rebuttable presumption of retaliation for workers who are fired within 90 days of taking a protected action. 

Coalition of Low-Wage and Immigrant Worker Advocates (CLIWA)

Worksafe is an active member of this California coalition of worker centers, legal services programs, community based organizations, and workers’ rights clinics, who partner with low-wage and immigrant workers to enforce their rights to fair pay, safe working conditions, and the right to work without discrimination or harassment. 

Our CLIWA collaborators include Alexander Community Law Center, Bet Tzedek, California Rural Legal Assistance, La Raza Centro Legal, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, and Legal Aid at Work.

California Work & Family Coalition

This coalition brings together a diverse group of stakeholders to ensure that Californians have what they need to care for and support their families, such as paid sick and family leave and expanding the definition of family to a greater diversity of loved ones.

California Domestic Workers Coalition

We frequently meet, strategize, and travel to Sacramento with this group to bend the ear of lawmakers about the unjust exclusion of domestic workers from the protections that most enjoy--a fight that will continue until the rights of domestic workers are recognized.

Safety Net 4 All

This coalition is currently fighting for unemployment benefits for all Californians, including those without documentation. 

Wildfire Working Group 

This is another group of stakeholders that normally wouldn't share space, collaborating to ensure that we're utilizing all of the most effective ways to manage fires in California--including, significantly, prescribed burns.