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California Workers Gain Sweeping New Workplace Protections from COVID-19

11/19/20: In response to calls from workers and advocates, the Cal/OSHA Standards Board voted 6-0 to adopt new emergency rules designed to strengthen protections for all California workers from COVID-19 in the workplace. The action means workers have specific, mandatory requirements for employers to follow to reduce transmission of the virus in their places of work, and Cal/OSHA now has stronger tools to ensure that employers follow basic protocols, such as maintaining physical distance between workers. Read more here!



Video: Protecting Yourself at Work During Coronavirus

Worksafe has collaborated with workers' rights attorney Scott Hochberg and the Skadden Foundation to produce two animated videos about workplace health and safety rights during COVID. The videos, available in English and Spanish, are intended to be accessible for a range of worker audiences. 
The videos explain how workers can keep themselves and their coworkers safe at work during the pandemic, and how workers can approach their employers to demand changes that keep everyone safe. They also cover additional strategies, from organizing support and legal help, to contacting government agencies. 



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