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Workplace Violence

Seeking Solutions to Workplace Violence

On May 8, Worksafe participated in the Solutions Summit — a convening hosted by Futures Without Violence that brought together groups working to end workplace sexual harassment and violence. Labor advocates, sexual assault survivors, immigrant rights activist, and others came from around the nation to brainstorm a plan of action that centers the experiences of low-wage workers, women of color, immigrant women, and others vulnerable to harassment and violence at work.

One highlight was a powerful keynote address by Suzette Wright, a former Ford worker who was featured in a recent NY Times article about rampant sexual harassment at the company's Chicago plants. She spoke of her initial excitement at the prospect of the great benefits and pay of a union job. She courageously shared her story of the disappointment and fear that she and many other women in the plant experienced because of the pervasive sexual harassment. She spoke of the critical need for change and action.

At the Summit, a digital wall of commitments went live and will remain active through 2020 when the Summit is reconvened. The wall is intended to bring visibility to the incredible work so many organizations are doing to address this issue, as well as inspire others to take a stand in this potentially transformative moment. "Employers, philanthropists, associations, advocates, journalists, and more are invited to make public their commitment to ending sexual harassment and assault in the workplace."