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Secure Work


Last week Worksafe joined dozens of workers and advocates in Sacramento to defend the California Supreme Court’s recent unanimous decision in Dynamex Operations West v. Superior Court. Why? Because industry groups have launched a full-scale assault on the ruling, lobbying state leaders to overturn or undermine it. 

The Dynamex decision makes it harder for employers to misclassify workers as independent contractors. It is a vitally important legal clarification that will protect workers from low-road employers who use misclassification to skirt labor protections. Independent contractors are carved out of workplace rights like minimum wage, overtime, and workers’ compensation – and employers have been taking advantage of this loophole for far too long.

During the lobby day, groups of workers and advocates met with legislators and urged them to deny industry requests to overturn this unanimous court ruling. Many thanks to the California Labor Federation for organizing this effort – let's keep up the pressure!