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Per this new schedule, Worksafe will be closed on the first Friday of each month. We took this step to be even more in line with our policies to support the health and well-being of California workers — and that includes us! We can’t effectively help the community achieve healthy and safe workplaces without doing the work internally first.

Jessica Martinez is the co-executive director for the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) and a candidate to serve as the Chief of Cal/OSHA. We caught up with Jessica to learn more about what she’s all about.

Worksafe just submitted our latest comments on the state of California's COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS). This round relates to Cal/OSHA's proposed "Second Re-adoption" of the ETS, which as an emergency rule is subject to specific emergency processes.

This Workers Memorial Day, 2021, Worksafe would like to amplify the dedicated work of eight extraordinary organizations that have been rising through challenges to ensure that the communities that they served are supported and uplifted through the pandemic.

Worksafe joins with those who are relieved that the American court system did not yet again deliver a travesty of justice. We hope that the verdict can provide Mr. Floyd’s family with some small measure of compensation for their enormous loss. We join the country in mourning and honoring Mr. Floyd’s life.

Washington state just became the third state in the nation to pass protective laws for temporary workers with their new Protecting Temporary Workers Law. This law seeks to place a barrier to temporary worker schemes which provide cost cutting incentives for companies to use temporary agencies.

More than a year into the pandemic, the sad fact remains that for most California workers, Cal/OSHA seems not to exist. Life and death issues are not limited to what many think of as "dangerous jobs" – they are now a daily reality in workplaces across our state.

Worksafe stands in solidarity to mourn the killing of eight Americans, six of them East Asian American women, on March 16th in Atlanta.

This November, California voters are being asked to support Proposition 22 — Uber and Lyft’s misleading ballot measure that would exempt them from labor laws that protect workers. We must reject the premise that, given enough power and money, companies can simply deregulate themselves.

The way workplace hazards impact workers, particularly workers of color, is nothing new. When I started with Worksafe in 2012, we were helping Warehouse Worker Resource Center (at the time Warehouse Workers United) file a Cal/OSHA complaint...

Worksafe stands with the Movement for Black Lives and all those who are rising up to protest state violence against Black people and communities.