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Secure Work

#YesOnAB5 to #DisruptInequality

When companies trap workers in contractor status instead of recognizing them as employees, they dodge responsibility for providing workers basic protections like minimum wage and unemployment insurance. It's cheating, plain and simple.

This week Worksafe joined workers and advocates in Sacramento to urge legislators to support Assembly Bill 5, a bill introduced by Assemblymember Lorena Gonzalez (San Diego).

AB 5 aims to end fraudulent misclassification of workers as independent contractors by codifying the California Supreme Court's 2018 Dynamex ruling into state law. 

Passing AB 5 will require energetic and sustained advocacy becuase really powerful business interests are doing everything they can to stop it – spreading a lot of misinformation along the way. We encourage everyone who cares about workers' rights to join the campaign however you can. Here are some sample tweets to get you started:

  • We need to ensure working people aren’t cheated out of basic economic security  that comes with a minimum wage, unemployment insurance, a workplace free of discrimination and compensation if an injury on the job occurs. #DisruptInequality #YesOnAB5
  • We must put an end to corporations cheating workers by calling them ‘contractors’ instead of recognizing them as employees. Without basic protections, workers are vulnerable to exploitation, low wages & economic insecurity. #DisruptInequality #YesOnAB5
  • #AB5 protects workers from exploitation and levels the playing field for businesses that follow the rules. Stand with workers, taxpayers, and for the public good. Urge #CaLeg to vote #YesOnAB5  #DisruptInequality

Contact us for more information on ways to get involved!