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Board of Directors

Meet the Board: Suzanne Teran

Meet the Board: Suzanne Teran

Did you know that Worksafe has a fully fantastic Board of Directors? It's true, and we want to tell you about them! Let's start with Suzanne Teran, Associate Director of the UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP).

Suzanne has been with LOHP for 22 years, and has served as Worksafe's Board Secretary since 2015. Her areas of focus include improving conditions for immigrant workers, Spanish-language training, effective health communication and social marketing, occupational health disparities, and leadership and capacity-building programs. Check out some of her publications here.

Worksafe is especially inspired by Suzanne's passion for worker education. "I love the challenge of thinking through a new training topic and distilling complex information into key points that are truly accessible and useful," she says. We also admire her knack for communicating occupational health issues to multiple audiences, including the general public. Her work deepens our collective understanding of the ways worker health and safety intersects with broader public health and social justice issues. 

Thanks so much for your support and leadership, Suzanne!