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Policy Advocacy

Legislative Advocacy

An important part of Worksafe's mission is to advocate for protective worker health and safety laws. We support legislative solutions that seek to improve working conditions in a broad range of industries where significant safety and health hazards exist, and which employ millions of low-wage, immigrant workers in California.


Administrative Advocacy

Worksafe is also active in administrative and regulatory forums. We identify and promote new avenues of action for unrepresented workers to advocate for the effective identification and control of workplace hazards and to more effectively use existing legal remedies available. When new remedies and protections become available, due to successful advocacy efforts or other policy changes, Worksafe develops and provides trainings to workers and advocates maximize their use and effectiveness.

Recent Policy Updates

We are looking for organizations and workers to turn out on Thursday, February 8 in Oakland for the third (and possibly final) public hearing on Cal/OSHA's Indoor Heat standard. California needs a standard that reflects science and the experiences of workers, not industry pressure.

Governor Brown has signed Senate Bill 306 into law – sealing a major victory for California workers and dealing a serious blow to unscrupulous employers.

As the federal government dismantles the rights of workers, immigrants, and other marginalized communities, it is more important than ever for California to implement safeguards that protect our state’s most vulnerable populations.

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1167 – a bill directing Cal/OSHA to protect workers from indoor heat exposure by January 2019. Worksafe and our allies are working to encourage Cal/OSHA to adopt a strong, evidence-based standard that will protect all California workers.