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Today Worksafe joined with janitors, factory workers, farmworkers, and other low-wage workers to launch Our Turn, a new alliance to end workplace sexual abuse and harassment, with a special focus on low-wage and vulnerable workers.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we appreciate advocates, share pics from Workers Memorial Day 2018, and report-back from the Solutions Summit.

376 workers were killed on the job in California in 2016, approximately one per day. This and other findings are included in a report released today by Worksafe to commemorate Workers Memorial Day 2018, an international day of remembrance for workers who have been killed and injured at work.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This time around we reflect on Workers Memorial Day 2018, give you the scoop on our recent travels, and spread the word about two great upcoming events!

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we weigh in on workplace violence in the #MeToo era, update you on California's occupational health regulatory scene, and more!

We are looking for organizations and workers to turn out on Thursday, February 8 in Oakland for the third (and possibly final) public hearing on Cal/OSHA's Indoor Heat standard. California needs a standard that reflects science and the experiences of workers, not industry pressure.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we dig into electronic injury reporting, celebrate an epic victory for California's hotel housekeepers, and more!

We just received word that a generous Worksafe donor has offered a $10,000 match for our year-end fundraising drive! That means any gift you give Worksafe between now and the end of 2017 will be matched until we reach a total of ten grand!

Wow, what a year! Check out Worksafe's 2017 Impact Report to learn more about our latest projects, programs, and achievements.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. Read about the recent Northern California Day Labor Convening and the launch of a new coalition: the California Alliance for Secure Employment (CASE).

Last week Worksafe Executive Director, Doug Parker, was honored to receive the 2017 Lorin Kerr Award from the Occupational Health & Safety section of the American Public Health Association (APHA). Read Doug's remarks here.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we weigh in on National Lead Poisoning Awareness Week, celebrate recent legislative victories, discuss the California wildfires, and more.

Earlier this month, unprecedented wildfires broke out across Northern California killing more than 40 people, destroying approximately 5700 structures, and forcing thousands of families to evacuate. Here are some of the conversations we've been following in the wake of the wildfires.

Governor Brown has signed Senate Bill 306 into law – sealing a major victory for California workers and dealing a serious blow to unscrupulous employers.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we discuss the occupational health impact of climate change, introduce you to one of our favorite allies, celebrate Cal/OSHA's stand on workplace beryllium exposure, and more.

As the federal government dismantles the rights of workers, immigrants, and other marginalized communities, it is more important than ever for California to implement safeguards that protect our state’s most vulnerable populations.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we puzzle over "production hell" at Tesla Motors, review recent worker and advocate trainings, give updates on TB protections for health care workers, and more.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we call upon the Cal/OSHA Standards Board to reject a petition that would rollback tuberculosis protections for workers, give updates on the indoor heat standard, introduce new Worksafe staff, and more.

In 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 1167 – a bill directing Cal/OSHA to protect workers from indoor heat exposure by January 2019. Worksafe and our allies are working to encourage Cal/OSHA to adopt a strong, evidence-based standard that will protect all California workers.

Get the latest scoop on the bills Worksafe is supporting during this legislative session: SB 306 (Retaliation Injunctive Relief - Hertzberg); SB 54 (California Values Act - De Leon); AB 978 (Injury and Illness Prevention Program - Limón); AB 1008 (“Ban the Box” - McCarty); and AB 450 (Notice of ICE Raids - Chiu).

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we talk Tesla, give legislative and regulatory updates, report-back from our 35th anniversary celebration, and more.

Yesterday, Worksafe released a brand new report titled Analysis of Tesla Injury Rates: 2014 to 2017. The report scrutinizes Tesla's health and safety record, questions the company's recent claims, and calls for greater worker involvement.

Over the past several months, workers at Tesla have become increasingly aware of the potential safety hazards at the company’s flagship vehicle plant in Fremont, California. Worksafe analyzed the company's OSHA 300 logs to see how their Tesla's health and safety record compares to other auto manufacturing facilities.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we observe Workers Memorial Day 2017, share our new Dying at Work in California report, and more.

Worksafe is proud to announce the release of our 2017 annual report, Dying at Work in California: The Hidden Stories Behind the Numbers.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we discuss the importance of meaningful access to workplace health and safety plans, reflect on the legacy of Cesar Chavez, and more.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we discuss whistleblower protections, give a report-back from our NorCal Worker Health Activist Network meeting, mourn the loss of two occupational health leaders, and more.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we discuss safety culture in and out of the workplace, describe our recent reproductive hazards workshop, promote upcoming Cal/OSHA Advisory Meetings, and more.

Worksafe Managing Attorney Jora Trang and Staff Attorney Nicole Marquez had the honor of receiving the COSH Social Justice Award at the National Conference for Worker Safety and Health Awards Banquet on Wednesday, December 7. Jora and Nicole were recognized for their hard work and commitment to promoting diversity and social justice within the COSH movement.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we focus on gratitude, give updates on the Ya Basta! Coalition, report-back from the National COSH conference, and more.

Workplaces should be free of violent threats or actions, and workers should always feel safe while at work. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Workers in the janitorial services, who are disproportionately immigrant and workers of color, are particularly vulnerable to sexual assault and violence at work.

What could a Trump Administration mean for the health and safety of workers? While we benefit from some degree of isolation from federal policy because California has a state occupational safety and health plan, federal rollbacks of health and safety protection policies and resources would still significantly impact California workers.

Worksafe's monthly roundup of news and updates. This month we write about protecting workers under the new Trump Administration, give updates on our work with Oakland day laborers, and more.

Check out these updates from the

Last Thursday in Oakland, California, we celebrated a major victory for worker health and safety: our state became the first in the nation to pass a regulation preventing workplace violence. As a leader in progressive health and safety laws, our state will set the example for other states to follow - and hopefully, the entire country.

In March, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a final rule on exposure to respirable crystalline silica. Federal efforts to protect workers against silica date back to the Great Depression, when Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins mounted a campaign to eliminate harmful exposures. For 20 years now, OSHA’s regulatory agenda has included updating its outdated rule to catch up to the long-established science on harmful exposure levels. The final rule on silica, which goes into effect in June 2017, does just that. The rule is expected to save 600 lives each year, and prevent 900 new cases of debilitating diseases resulting from silica exposure.

At the top of Worksafe’s legislative agenda this year was tackling the dangers of indoor heat. After years of work on the issue with our allies, including the California Labor Federation and the Warehouse Worker Resource Center (WWRC), Worksafe is proud to celebrate with California workers a new law that will save lives!

As summer nears, we're feeling a tumultuous mix of emotions here at Worksafe. We're sadly saying farewell to our longtime Executive Director, Gail Bateson, who has been the bedrock leader of our organization for seven years. We are, however, excited to welcome her replacement, Doug Parker, who recently joined us from the U.S. Department of Labor.

Americans have made a decision: We’re throwing away the throwaway economy. Curbside recycling is available in more than 9,000 municipalities, and one-third of America’s waste stream is now diverted from landfills. Only strong worker organizing can guarantee that jobs in the so-called green economy will be healthy and safe for workers.

Four years after Domingo Blancas’ brush with death on the job, the California Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board (Board) has upheld citations issued to his employers for failing to have an effective IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) that addressed the hazard of indoor heat.

Each summer OSHA issues an audit called a FAME report, which measures Cal/OSHA's performance compared to the state’s own laws and goals and federal OSHA’s benchmarks – to ensure that our state program is “at least at effective as” (ALEA) the federal program.

A new report, released Tuesday, June 23 by environmental, occupational safety, and community benefits experts, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Illinois School of Public Health, finds that recycling work is unnecessarily hazardous to workers’ health and safety.

California’s 2013-2014 legislative session ended with much to celebrate for Worksafe supporters like you, and everyone else who cares about safe and healthy jobs.